TMW : Metal Showcase

TMW : Metal Showcase

Tallinn Music Week 2016 : METAL SHOWCASE
Von Krahl
by Urban Culture EntertainmentTuska Open Air Metal Festival andEstonian Thrash Metal Club
2 floors, 2 stages, 12 bands from 5 different countries and hundreds of metal maniacs in the pit!

Stam1na (FIN)
Mokoma (FIN)
Psychea / Психея (RUS)
Helhorse (DEN)
Mörbid Vomit (FIN)
Barren Womb (NOR)

Piletid hinnaga 12€ eelmüügis Piletilevis. Pilet ukse pealt 15€.


Stam1na (FIN)
The Finnish metal phenomenon Stam1na have achieved almost
everything a rock band can achieve in Finland. Each of their six
albums have sold Gold (one Platinum) and the band has played
hundreds of mostly sold out shows all over the country. They
have won four Emma awards (i.e. Finnish Grammy) and are now
preparing for more with their upcoming seventh album. Stam1na has played tours also in Central Europe and Japan even if they sing in English. During Spring 2016 they’ll play only three ice hall gigs headlining their record company’s Sakara Tour 2016.

Mokoma (FIN)
Mokoma is one of the most successful bands in their home country Finland. This five-piece metal band has released 10 full-length albums and a number of other releases since 1999. Most of their releases have sold Gold and reached #1 positions in the national charts. The latest album Elävien kirjoihin was released in February 2015. The album kept the #1 position in the album charts for two weeks and stayed in top 50 for 26 weeks. The two singles from the album have both been on A-list power rotation on the leading radio channel Radio Rock. Mokoma’s music has also been released in Central Europe and Japan. The band was also invited to play at biggest metal festival in Tokyo, Loudpark. In April 2016 Mokoma will play three ice hall arena concerts as a part of Sakara Tour 2016 (w/ Stam1na, Diablo). The leading Finnish metal label Sakara Records was founded by the members of Mokoma in 2003.

Psychea (RUS)
Well known amongst the russian fans of the alternative metal genres, Psychea stads for one of the establishers of the russian alternative metal scene in the 00’s. The band won a number of awards during it’s lifetime, and shared the stage with the monsters of rock while they been toring in Russia, as Biohazard, Soulfly, Rammstein and Korn in it’s early years. Never wanting to be a part of an even alternative rock mainstream, the band always pushed the boundaries, experimenting with the styles and forms of art, varying from acoustic performances, through rock and metal, to noise shows and art installations. The band incorporates the most hardcore styles in music, from digital hardcore (the ATR–invented–style, due to Wikipedia, for a long time Psychea has been the only band in Russia working in it) to chaotic hardcore punk, with the heavy influence of industrial music, techno, and, also turntablism and hip–hop culture. The band’s lyrics is mostly about love and social injustice. The music of the band transformed through the years into more and more complex, heavy, and psychedelic one. Nowadays the band itself names it’s genre as “surrealcore”. The band’s live shows, besides performing the songs, recently include heavy psychedelic improvisations and video art.

Coming from Estonia’s capital Tallinn, duo has been conquering the world actively since 2008.
With Magnus Andre on bass guitar, synths, vocals and Evgeny Mikhailov on drums & vocals, Talbot creates a unique sound of their own ­ massive, atmospheric and noisy with a nice amount of psychedelia on top of it.
Band has previously released an EP “Tundra” in 2008 and album “EOS” (2010). “EOS” was nominated for the Best Metal album of 2010 at the Estonian Music Awards.
Talbot’s second album “Scaled” was released in April 2013, which won the Best Metal Album 2013 in Estonian Music Awards.

Helhorse (DEN)
“Helhorse are one of the best live acts in Denmark right now. Helhorse is playing at Roskilde Festival 2014 because they are among the few bands within their genre who can match our international line-up”.
Stefan Gejsing –Booker, Roskilde Festival
Helhorse are currently finishing up their 3rd album, which had a stellar team behind it.
Michael Beinhorn (Soundgarden, Hole, Ozzy Osborne, Marylin Manson) worked on pre- production and as musical advisor, Lior Goldenberg ( Stone Temple Pilots , Alanis Morrisette) mixing the album and Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More) on mastering. The 3rd album is expected to be released, early 2016.
Helhorse have toured Europe and Denmark several times and have played with acts like Torche, Kadavar and Zakk Wylde.

However, the last two years , Helhorse has truly soared, playing high profile events like Roskilde Festival, Copenhell and , in 2015 exploding into opening slots for AC/DC and, in December, Slayer.
Helhorse is ready to hammer down the doors of the world and show some true Scandinavian power!

Horricane was the first Estonian death metal act to be signed to a high-profile label – the unique brand of mid-paced polyrhythmic death metal mixed with threatening and horror-movie-like keyboards created an atmosphere that was recognized by lots of fans in homeland but also in other Baltic states, Finland and Norway.

A project that started out in 2004 as two guys playing and experimenting with grindcore, Goresoerd has quickly evolved into the spearhead of intelligent, vicious and tongue-in-cheek extreme music in the Estonian scene. Hectic, hyper-driven and entertaining live shows have paved the way for the band’s success.

EVESTUS (Ott Evestus) Started as a solo artist in 2004.
After releasing 3 experimental solo albums, Evestus put together a live band in 2010 and
has since been gaining attention with powerful shows and over-the-top music videos as
a new generation industrial rock band to watch out for!
After their 2012 EP “No God” Evestus is currently working on his 4th LP due 2016.

Bulletbelts, patchjackets, beautiful women and an everflowing stream of beer are the big 4 in old school thrash metal. It is no different for Thrashless. Despite the slightly sarcastic and ironic name, Thrashless is all about the good old days of thrash metal when it was fast, agressive and had more balls than a bull on viagra.
The idea for the band had been around for quite awhile inside the twisted mind of Henry “Suss” Hinno, but it was not until 2012 when everything fell into place. Thrashless started writing and rehearsing material and entered the studio to record their first album “Awaiting Rebirth”. The album was promoted by playing gigs and touring, leading Thrashless to Finland, Georgia and Armenia and got them a support slot for Finnish thrash metal legends Stone. The energetic music quickly got Thrashless a loyal following, but there was no time to slow down. New material was written and in the summer of 2013 Thrashless once more entered the studio to record their second album which is now known as “Trip Of Death”. Again it was time to hit the road and this time Thrashless toured Latvia, Romania and Moldova among other countries.
Still inspired and hungry Thrashless wrote another albums worth of material and hit Roundsound studio once more to record a new album! More vicious and intricate than ever the new album was lovingly titled “Cult Of Fear”. Countless gigs were played in support of “Cult Of Fear” and the band even ended up spreading the cult to the far regions of Russia. Having become a staple in the local metal scene Thrashless also had the priviledge of supporting Sepultura!
The cult has grown and Thrashless is currently in the middle of writing some of the fastest, most vicious riffs you will ever hear! 2016 will be the year Thrashless will annihilate you!

Mörbid Vomit took Finnish death metal scene by the balls when they released their first demo, simply titled as “Demo 2012”, three years ago. The follow-up (“I Breathe Hell”) a year later proved their point: this name was not to be forgotten and by no means their first success was a happy accident. Finally, on October 23rd 2015, it’s time to conquer the world with their debut album “Doctrine of Violence” which will be released by Ranka Kustannus. “Doctrine of Violence” is a tour de force of death metal that bows to its ancestors yet offers the listener the feeling of a fresh and bloody corpse. Perfected with a great production and monstrous, growling vocal work, “Doctrine of Violence” is the death metal album from Finland everyone wants to hear.

Since their inception in late 2011, Norwegian Noise Rock duo Barren Womb have been raising both eyebrows and hell with their nasty swill of Punk ‘n’ Roll and Blackened Country Noise.

Working with an extremely limited palette consisting only of drums, vocals and an assortment of stringed instruments and effects divided between the two of them, the band rely mostly on crude dynamics and the power of the riff to hammer their point across.

You simply can’t watch Cause A Riot without a sweating your shirt and spilling your beer.” This is what a radio show (owned by finnish public service broadcasting company (YLE)), YleX told in their weekly upcoming artists show. Cause A Riots tough, even poisonous live act will propably prove those words to be true indeed. Cause A Riot blends In your face-mentality to sweet & sour crisp guitar melodies while the rhythm section and the hardcore, even metallic, vocals will keep the intensity up front, close and present. This has been the outcome of Cause A Riots vibrant live shows all around Finland, Baltic, Europe and USA.

Ajakava :
19:00 Cause A Riot (FIN)
20:00 Barren Womb (NOR)
21:00 Horricane
22:00 Helhorse (DEN)
23:00 Talbot
00:00 Mokoma (FIN)

Upstairs :
19:30 Mörbid Vomit (FIN)
20:30 Evestus
21:30 Thrashless
22:30 Goresoerd
23:30 Psychea (RUS)
00:30 Stam1na (FIN)