TMW 2017 : Metal Stage

TMW 2017 : Metal Stage

Tallinn Music Week 2017 : Metal Stage
by Urban Culture Entertainment, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival andEstonian Thrash Metal Club

2 floors, 2 stages, 13 acts from 7 different countries!

Kapitan Korsakov (BEL)
Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, Kapitan Korsakov released their debut album “Well Hunger” late 2009. Their dangerous, energetic, mischievously live-sets soon gave the band an incredible strong live reputation, getting them on the bigger festival stages in Belgium and Holland. With their second album “Stuff & Such” (2012), the trio expanded their touring to Germany, France, Poland and the Baltics.
Honest songwriting, authenticity and disregarding all things fashionable are Kapitan Korsakov’s trademarks. Quite the relief in times of mediocre radio-pollution.

Demonic Death Judge (FIN)
DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE is a four-piece Finnish sludge/doom/stoner monster. You are invited to yet another rollercoaster ride with riffs impossible to ignore! Blending the genres, creating their own identity, DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE is here!
The new long awaited album will be released at the turn of 2016/2017.

Freakangel (EE)
FREAKANGEL is an Estonian industrial metal band founded in 2010. Over the past several years, FREAKANGEL have toured relentlessly around Europe – mutating in the process into a full four-piece live rock act, and acquiring an ever-increasing number of fans. Aside from numerous headline performances, they have also appeared at a huge number of industrial and metal festivals like Resistanz (UK), Wave-Gotik-Treffen (DE), Dark Munich (DE), Hard Rock Laager (EE), Summer Darkness (NL), Castle Party (PL), Lumous (FI) and others.
With their 4th album “How The Ghost Became”, FREAKANGEL have fashioned an album of rare beauty where raw and emotional rock sits smoothly alongside electronic elements to form an entirely organic-sounding whole – and one which adds up to so much more than the sum of its parts. Setting a formidable new standard in industrial metal, this is an album that even FREAKANGEL themselves may find hard to follow!

Neglected Fields (LV)
One of the best known metal acts from Baltic States, Neglected Fields rose out of the ashes of local bands in fall of 1995, with the initial line-up Sergej “Destruction” (vocals, guitars), Herman (guitars), Sergej (bass), Karlis (drums). The new band traveled to neighbouring country Estonia, where in Townhall Studio in Tallinn the first demo “Sansara” was recorded in spring of 1996, containing four tracks of intense technical death metal with a strong influence from Death, Cynic, Atheist and Carcass, and adding beautiful soprano co-leads from session vocalist Rasa. Thanks to successful promotional campaign, “Sansara” received multiple rave reviews in European metal press (Demo of the Month in Aardschock (The Netherlands), Extreme (Germany), Eternity (Germany), Vampiria (Italy)). Soon offers to release the debut CD started to pour in, while the band enjoyed successful gigs all around the Baltic States, including in Death Comes 6 festival in Vilnius, supporting Therion in front of 1500 fans.

Of Roofs, Genes And Stolen Meanings (EE)
Young, cynical, low, caustic, angry, diverse, neurotic, gripping, ironic, implacable, chaotic, down to Earth, from the streets of Tartu, One: Life to Learn (2012), Two: Places to Call Home (2014), III (2016); Of Roofs, Genes and Stolen Meanings

Khroma (FIN)
The Helsinki-based electro-metal outfit Khroma convey the decline of our times into an assaulting soundtrack of moody atmospherics and ambiences, down-tuned patterns and pumping trip hop beats. Lyrically the band tackles contemporary socio-economical and environmental issues. In other words: Fight the power!

Abandoned Elysium (EE)
Abandoned Elysium is a four-piece prog-psy metal band with 9-string progressive guitar, technical vocal’s, alternate drumrhytm’s, atmospheric sound and on top of that poured over with groovy, low basstone, that does not let you stand still at breakdowns. The song’s offer diverse pleasure for all kind’s of music genre listener’s, that take you to surreality, a different mental state. New album can be expected in spring 2017.

Horror Dance Squad (EE)
Since erupting onto the Estonian metal scene in 2014, Horror Dance Squad has released three singles and an EP, Game Changer, and have spread their fresh sound across stages in Estonia, Latvia, Germany and Finland, including spots in Tallinn Music Week 2015, EDGE: Nordic Festival 2016 in Helsinki and representing Estonia at the Wacken Metal Battle at Germany’s Wacken Open Air Festival last August.

Rave The Reqviem (SWE)
Rave The Reqviem was founded in 2011 by Filip Lönnqvist. The purpose of this project was to combine metal with modern electronic music – such as industrial, dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass – and melodic, gothic elements. Ethereal female soprano vocals courtesy of none other than Filip’s mother Carola sailed sweetly over the epic choruses of her son’s electro-metal onslaught – providing the perfect musical counterpoint to the carnage of heavy riffs and hard electronics seething beneath the surface.

Trna (RUS)
Saint-Petersburg post-black metal 3-piece, pioneers of celestial blackgaze and friends of Show Me A Dinosaur.
“A rollercoaster ride full of amazing riffs and cascades of mesmerizing layers of atmospheric and majestic music. This is truly an unforgettable listening experience.” – bandcamp supporter

Val Tvoar (EE)
Val Tvoar, that stonerish metal head, successful Estonian guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist,and founder of Soul Thrower (dark rock / metal). Now He has his own stoner-rock-metal solo project under the name of Val Tvoar. His new album entitled “In Light You Believe … but in Darkness You Dwell” will be released on November 1st (2016 Heliaed Records/self-release).

Val’s guitar performances are consistently, absolutely on fire – his bluesy solo style, inspired by his rock experiences in L.A. and backed by his formal classical training, vibrates in a perfect balance with his
strong vocals.

Paean (EE)
Paean is an extreme progressive metal band from Tallinn, Estonia. Paean’s music can be described as an intense journey through diverse soundscapes, deriving inspiration from death/doom/black metal and ethereal interludes adding to the grim atmosphere. Prosaic lyrical concepts are brought to life by Kevin’s powerful vocals. His bassplaying along with Magnus’s drumming forms the rhythmical foundation onto which Heiko and Endrik lay their crushing riffs and soothing harmonies.

No Real Pioneers (LT)
Since their inception in 2011 they have been perfecting their blend of post-rock, screamo and indie, while gigging as much as possible locally. After releasing the two singles “Not The Day To Fall” (2014) and “Remember” (2015), the band has been writing new songs, and touring the Baltic states. 2014 saw them perform alongside such acts as Ghostwriter, Black Hourglass and Get Your Gun, while in 2015 they toured with Night Lives and performed in the biggest rock and metal festival in Lithuania, Devilstone. Their debut EP and music video is right around the corner. Watch this band, for they will surely make a mark on the alternative music scene in the upcoming months and years.


Põhja- ja Baltimaade suurim uue muusika ja linnakultuuri festival Tallinn Music Week toimub 27. märtsist 2. aprillini.

18:00 uksed
19:00 Abandoned Elysium (EE) (Ülemine saal)
19:30 Paean (EE) (Alumine saal)
20:00 Val Tvoar (EE) (Ülemine saal)
20:30 Khroma (FI) (Alumine saal)
21:00 Horror Dance Squad (EE) (Ülemine saal)
21:30 No Real Pioneers (LT) (Alumine saal)
22:00 Rave the Reqviem (SE) (Ülemine saal)
22:30 Of Roofs, Genes and Stolen Meanings (EE) (Alumine saal)
23:00 Trna (RU) (Ülemine saal)
23:30 Neglected Fields (LV) (Alumine saal)
00:00 FREAKANGEL (EE) (Ülemine saal)
00:30 Kapitan Korsakov (BE) (Alumine saal)
01:00 Demonic Death Judge (FI) (Ülemine saal)

Tallinn Music Week 2017 esitleja on Nordea pank, suurtoetajad Telia, Visit Estonia, Nordic Hotel Forum ja Eesti Meedia.

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Kontserdi üksikpilet garanteerib sissepääsu piletil märgitud klubisse märgitud kuupäeval toimuvale üritusele. Klubist väljumisel kaotab pilet kehtivuse.
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Juba üheksandat korda aset leidval sündmusel esineb pealinna klubides ja kontserdisaalides üle 200 eripalgelise artisti üle maailma. Festivalilava programm hõlmab 30 kontsertpaika. Lisaks kontsertidele pealinna klubides toimuvad TMW raames muusikatööstuse konverents, tasuta „Linnalava“ kontserdid, vestlussari „TMW jutud”, restoranifestival „TMW maitsed”, Eesti Kaasaegse Kunsti Arenduskeskuse kureeritud eriprogramm „TMW kunst“ ja Disainiturg.