SHACK UP! Detachments (UK) / Neon Noir

SHACK UP! Detachments (UK) / Neon Noir


DETACHMENTS (ThisIsNotAnExit Records, Hacienda Records / UK)

New Cold Wave/Minimal Wave, Haunted House

Detachments aka Sebastien Marshal + detachable troops have experienced cult success, critical plaudits and had the privilege to work with James Ford, Trevor Jackson, Andrew Weatherall, Tim Goldsworthy, Peter Hook.

‘Not only do they craft intelligent, forward thinking, infectious songs and dark club anthems with the right balance of musical knowledge, integrity and enthusiasm, they also so effortlessly look the part’
– The Times

NEON NOIR (Sex Records, EST)

New Wave / Synth

hope, desperation, faith, devotion, love, sex, visions, spirituality, dirt, pleasure, pain.



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  • N 8. august 21:00


  • N 8. august 21:00