Semiosalong Error #4

Semiosalong Error #4

Tyler Bennett
24 March at 19.00
Von Krahl
Rataskaevu 10/12

Semiosalong is welcoming Tyler Bennett, a doctoral student of semiotics at Tartu University, who is going to talk about aesthetics and politics in early and late Lotman:

Juri Lotman’s early writings define art objects as those whose interpretation cannot be given in the terms of a concept. The necessary plurality of interpretations that results is guaranteed by what he calls the internal heterogeneity of the object. The conflict of two or more incompatible codes requires that comparisons be drawn between intersecting structures. The elements of each are re-coded in the other’s terms, an essentially metaphoric mapping procedure that takes place at every level of the hierarchy of sign systems and gives rise to unexpected reserves of meaning. This logic of creativity was developed in Structure of the Artistic Text (1977) for the purposes of analyzing poetry, however unpredictability remains a central principle in Lotman’s later writings as well. In fact Culture and Explosion (2009) attributes the same logic to historical development. The successful expression of revolutionary spirit always has an aesthetic character. More importantly, the work of art in this context has an inevitably subversive aspect. The aesthetic finds its definition not by expressing a certain content, but by creating an opening in which to think, between otherwise undisturbed concepts. Some examples from political graffiti provide simple illustrations of this complex creative logic.

Tyler Bennett is a doctoral student of semiotics at Tartu University. He came to semiotics from Seattle, Washington in 2010 with an interest in finding a descriptive language for experimental literature. His doctoral thesis topic involves a survey of the sign theory of Juri Lotman and Charles Peirce and analysis of the theater of Samuel Beckett. Aesthetics provides the ground of logic. Art happens when we succeed in seeing any object for the first time.

Seminar is in English


Semiosalong on Eesti Semiootika Seltsi egiidi all tegutsev mitteformaalne seminarisari, mille iga seminari juhendab erinev semiootik, kunstnik või mõne ala spetsialist. Sarja eesmärk on tekitada semiootilisi diskussioone, populariseerides semiootikat teaduse ja analüüsimeetodina. Tallinnas toimub Semiosalong kevadel 2014 esmaspäeviti Von Krahlis ning Tartus üle nädala kolmapäeviti lokaalis Arhiiv.

Semiosalong tänab Von Krahli meeskonda ja Tallinna Ülikooli Kunstide Instituudi muusika osakonda.


Kuraator Tallinnas Kristin Orav
Peakorraldaja Piret Karro


  • E 24. märts 19:00


  • E 24. märts 19:00