In the 1990’s avant-garde theatre Von Krahl was the birthplace of postmodern and contemporary Estonian theatre. Now in its 3rd decade of existence, it still pushes the art of drama over edges in both subject matter and technical solutions regardless of whether the production is a small-scale experiment created under the Sidecar label in the rehearsal space or a grandiose show in an abandoned factory.Von Krahl’s creative output has always been by nature a mixture of various artforms and media. Retaining a strong artist-auteur position and taking a stance on social issues is a constant characteristic of Von Krahl’s works.Von Krahl keeps up with the ever-changing conditions of life and progressive artforms.

This is the mission statement for the new millennium: in this morally ambivalent and economically unstable world Von Krahl will work hard to offer viewers and visitors artworks that are emotionally intelligent and smart; artworks where the mediums and messages are intriguing, exhilarating and reconciling; artworks that bring order to chaos.Von Krahl Theatre was founded on October 31st, 1992. The founder, theatre manager and artistic director is Peeter Jalakas.