The End

The End


I exist, because I remember. There are two of us here, me and my memory, alone in the middle of this dark town. My memory must fit onto the 8 gigabytes the state has allocated to me. Bodies have been declared utilities – mine is currently peeing in the toilet. Every day I bring a bucket of water from the gas station. Something is going on there. People are standing still, hugging each other in silence. Some have no clothes on. A few more days and then it’s the end.

The End is a production authored by 6 people who have formed the Von Krahl Theatre drama troup for about ten years. The play talks about the end of one world.



Authors and Cast: Mari Abel, Tiina Tauraite, Riina Maidre, Erki Laur, Taavi Eelmaa, Juhan Ulfsak.

Visuals: Peeter Laurits and Taavet Jansen.

Music: Mauno Meesit/Sinine

Costumes: Liisi Eesmaa

Voice: Liina Vahtrik

The one with a clean consciousness has no fear of the dark…



/…/ A few days are still left. The sun brightens the room and I smile when I look out of the window. This is my picture, my worldview. I see a street I’ve seen already as an infant. Every time I look out of the window, I think about how I’ve walked with you there. More than once I have won the battle against mortal fear and loneliness while standing on that same patch of asphalt. I walked for the whole length of the street beside you until we disappeared under the shade of the grey concrete.

During the night I scream of fear, because I am afraid, but I don’t know of what. Probably darkness. Then the memory fades as well. And, and with it also you. When you are gone for good, all that stoops over me is the cold cosmos. I myself don’t know it. The cosmos that watches with interest how I cling to the last moments of my life, because I don’t know how to relax. It sees my saliva and hears me cry of fear. The cosmos stoops over me for a reason, not by accident. It’s just hungry. It waits so that it can eat my eyeballs.

Premiere March 19, 2010


March 21, 22, 23, 29, 30, 31

April 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29

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  • F 19. March 00:00




  • F 19. March 00:00