Tallinn Treff Festival / Paper Cut

Tallinn Treff Festival / Paper Cut

Tallinn Treff Festival 2015

Yael Rasooly

On Friday, 5 June at 18.00
On Saturday, 6 June at 18.00
in Von Krahl Theatre / Upstairs
duration 50 minutes

Info: http://www.nuku.ee/en/festival/

A lonely secretary remains in the office after the others have gone home. From her little corner, using photos from old film magazines, she escapes into a world of daydreams. There she is a glamorous movie star from the 1940’s and finds her ideal love at last. But as the story unravels, as imagination and reality collide, her romantic tale becomes a Hitchcock nightmare!

This one woman show reveals the obsession and dangers of romantic fantasies. The language of black and white cinema is transformed into the “low-tech” universe of Paper Cut-outs and object theater, creating a tension that is absurd. Painful and humorous.