Von Krahl’s Sidecar presents:

“Slave” by Ivo Reinok

The audience have not set foot in Von Krahl’s attic before. It is cold, dingy and bleak. Lately, savage roars and the sound of clattering chains can be heard from above. There’s a slave held captive in the attic.

The slave is Von Krahl actor Ivo Reinok. A slave to desires. A slave to anger and lust. A slave to life. A slave to himself. How to break free from slavery, when you are the enslaver? And, more importantly, whose slave are you?

The hour of liberation has arrived.


Director and actor: Ivo Reinok

Stage and costume designer, photo and video artist: Jana Solom


Premiere: March 13, 2013 in the Von Krahl attic


About “Sidecar”

“Sidecar” is a new series of personal experimental productions and art events at Von Krahl. Ivo Reinok’s “Slave” is the 5th production in the series.


  • W 13. March 00:00




  • W 13. March 00:00