We are Mari, Annika and Luise!

One day we got together and told one another about our hopes and dreams and fears and…
We realised that these dreams and fears of Our Own, were a lot alike.

And so we decided to collaborate on a production to share ourselves.

“OurOwn” is the restless desire of three young women, of three young people, of three young souls, to be personal and honest.
It is a longing for freedom, devotion and genuineness.
A journey of looking for-finding-losing-finding- … oneself.
What is it that sustains us? How to look after Oneself? How to look after one’s Own?

We combine music, dance and visual art to fuse our longings and share our own and each other’s inspiration, passion and soul.

Mari Pokinen – music, idea, direction
Annika Viibus – dance, idea, direction
Luise Sommer – visuals, idea, direction

Premiere on January 19, 2013 as part of Von Krahl’s “Sidecar” programme.


  • S 19. January 19:30



  • S 19. January 19:30