Oh My God

Oh My God


Inside each of us there are wide open windows through which consciousness enters and leaves. From the windows of consciousness one can see that we are all one great mass and also extraordinary individuals. We can develop ourselves by ourself or give ourselves away as freeware, as open source people. We are the 99%, we are the programmers of freedom. We work in a big corporation and we have free will. It has no windows, it is a big apple from which a piece has been bitten – a hole into the free world. Oh my god, we are worms in an apple attached to a fishing hook.

The genre of “Oh My God” is described by director Karl Saks as “physical theatre of alternating mental and emotional states”.

Premiere: October 31st, 2013 at Von Krahl Theatre, Tallinn

Karl Saks (b. 1984) is a freelance choreographer and dancer. He graduated Tartu University’s Viljandi Culture Academy Dance Art Chair in spring of 2009 where he presently teaches independent dance technique and improvisation classes. He also studied at the Chester University in the UK from 2007-2008 and have participated at various workshops in Portugal, Iceland, Germany and Austria. During his studies he had the opportunity to perform at the works of young choreographers of Estonia, presented both at home and abroad – Finland, England and Germany. Karl Saks’s first independent work as a choreographer was at 2010 premiered Chud, which reflects the author’s interest in the human indigenous physique, and that explores the mystic reflection of history into the modern world. Chude was awarded by the Estonian Theatre Union as the Best dance performance in 2010 and Karl Saks as the best dance performer of 2010 in his creation Chude.
Additionally Karl Saks is known by the name of Cubus Luarvik, composing electronical music and creating soundscapes for his dance performances, using self taped fractions of sounds mixed by electronic software.

Hendrik Kaljujärv has been actively present with his musical compositions in different forms, creating sound and music for drama and dance productions and for installations in gallery spaces, as well as performing in various musical ensembles. Hendrik Kaljujärv’s has previously been collaborating with Von Krahl Theatre in Juhan Ulfsak’s Sarah Kane interpretations “Cleansed” and “4.48 Psychosis” (2013).
While embracing technical accuracy and taking it to a high level in his creation, Hendrik has kept his ability to apprehend the functioning systems of different art forms, remaining true to his aestethic and idealistic choices. And this is what describes Hendrik the best.


Director, choreographer: KARL SAKS

Dramaturge: TANEL RANDER

Composer of original music: HENDRIK KALJUJÄRV

Set designer: MAARIA TREIMA

Premiere 31st October, 2013

Tickets: 15 € / 10 € EUR


  • T 31. October 19:00


  • T 31. October 19:00