Nipples or a moment in the continuous stream of our lives

Nipples or a moment in the continuous stream of our lives

Premiere on September 29, 2012 at 19.00 in Salme Cultural Centre

Director: Peeter Jalakas
Dramatist: Tarmo Jüristo
Dance instruction: Ken Mai (Japan)
Costumes: Laura Pählapuu
Music: Ismo Alanko (Finland) and Teho Samuli Majamäki (Finland)
Cast: Erki Laur (Von Krahl), Ivo Reinok (Von Krahl), Ott Kartau (Von Krahl), Rene Köster, Tero Jartti, Ismo Alanko, Teho Majamäki and Ken Mai
Video: Emer Värk
Lighting: Oliver Kulpsoo
Technical production: Enar Tarmo

The dance production by Peeter Jalakas is about the quest to find perfection and balance, presented through different types of male characters.

An unknown force brings men with different worldviews aboard a ship sailing to eternity. The men share a common desire to find Truth and Knowledge. Their personal stories and pursuits, fears and reconciliations are revealed. Despite initial resistance, and each deeming their chosen path to be the one true path, they grow into a conscious and close-knit group through suffering. This is not achieved by abandoning one’s principles, but through gaining common sensibility and universal understanding.

The production blends various styles of Eastern and Western theatre: modern video art, contemporary dance, film, circus, butoh and kabuki.

The placement and the logic of action of the storyteller and the musicians originate from the bunraku theatre.

We can expect an imaginative approach to the subject matter and a multilayered and visually impressive show, characteristic of Jalakas’s productions. Adding to the excitement is the fact that Jalakas has only directed plays on a traditional stage twice, the first being 25 years ago in the same venue as planned for the current production.

In addition to Von Krahl actors, the international cast includes Ismo Alanko, Teho Majamäki and Tero Jartti from Finland and Ken Mai from Japan.

Although the production uses the works of T.S. Eliot (“The Waste Land”, “The Hollow Men” etc.) as a textual and rhythmic basis, it is rather more a conceptual sequel to Von Krahl productions “Strange Angels”, “The Grail!” and “Gilgamesh or the Button of Eternity”, according to the authors.

Ken Mai (Eiji Satsuki) is a Kyoto-born choreographer, who has studied butoh dance with masters Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata. He has also received training in German expressionist dance. His style combines elements of butoh with acting, gymnastics, singing, drums, Eastern martial arts and Zen Buddhism. At the moment, Ken Mai resides in Helsinki, which provided a unique opportunity to invite him to Estonia. Ken Mai is the production’s choreographer, but also participates as an actor.

Tero Jartti is a Finnish actor and film-maker, who has worked with a number of well-known Finnish directors, including Aki Kaurismäki and Kristian Smeds. He also has close ties with Estonia and the Von Krahl theatre.

Ismo Alanko is undoubtedly one of Finland’s best-known rock musicians, who has created music in a wide variety of styles, ranging from punk to schlagers and children’s songs. His consent to take part in creating music for the production with his current stage partner Teho Majamäki adds another dimension to the production’s international quality.

Rene Köster is a young Estonian dancer, whose various style sensibilities (hip-hop, contemporary dance, breakdance etc.) make him a talented and versatile addition to the production’s main theme, enriching the stage with dance aesthetics and a contemporary feel.


  • S 29. September 19:00



  • S 29. September 19:00 - 20:30