Men in snow

Men in snow

This is not a touching tale about two men who go out of the warm human civilization and into the cold and snow – when has human civilization ever provided warmth? This is not a tale about solitude and friendship, about dependence and independence, and about the power and dangers of the game. We won’t see two scouts saving wild animals caught in snares and becoming adults in one adventure-filled summer.

All we see is a crumpled photo with a dirty boot print. On that photo stand two men, knee-deep in snow. One is wearing a T-shirt and the other has wrapped his abnormally long beard around his body. They’re freezing. We can’t see their faces, because the heads of both men have been ripped out of the photo.

That’s what our beat generation was like. Youngsters who had gotten old overnight, standing silently between the triumphs of two generations. There were no ruins on which to build something. No castles yet to be torn down. They were too young to feel the arrogant indifference of older players. Too mature to spew the impudent arrogance of angry young guns. It was a beaten generation that had started to believe that its mission in this world was to be a mere spectator, not a participant. To be the one that never raised its head like the others.

Until one day, two giant spaceships rose above the motionless sea of drooping heads…

They were the risen heads of Mart Koldits and Kristjan Sarv. Their unblinking eyes looked directly into the Sun.


Concept and acting: Mart Koldits and Kristjan Sarv

Video: Emer Värk

Music: Renzo van Steenbergen


Premiere Apr 17 at 21 in rehearsal room of Von Krahl Theatre

Performances: 19., 20., 21., 25., 26., 27., 28. and 30 at 21 in rehearsal room of Von Krahl Theatre


  • S 17. April 00:00




  • S 17. April 00:00