In Principio

In Principio

Nargen Opera and Von Krahl Theatre present:

Arvo Pärt, Tõnu Kaljuste, Peeter Jalakas


The names of these three authors do not require any further introduction neither at home nor abroad. However, the year 2010 will have special significance, because a long-planned joint work will finally be ready for presentation. Pärt’s composing genius, Kaljuste’s musical sensitivity and Jalakas’ directing analysis will find symbiosis in the musical direction „In Principio…“

„In Principio…“ is based on Arvo Pärts works „In principio“ and „Miserere“ and merges the sacred intimacy of music with powerful visual meditation. This production that searches for conciliation between the eternal opposition of the biggest and the smallest, the highest and the lowest in the cosmos is based on the divine logic of the Mandelbrot equation and the holy geometry. „In Principio“ is a pilgrimage of all the senses into the sacred space inside the human heart and at the end of this journey we will be forced to join the writer Miguel de Unamuno in acknowledging that:

The road that leads us to the living God, the God of the heart, and that leads us back to Him when we have left Him for the lifeless God of logic, is the road of faith, not of rational or mathematical conviction.

Also appearing:

Mixed Choir „Noorus“

Mixed Choir „Cantus“

Nargen Festival Choir

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

Von Krahl Theatre


Soloists on August 17 and 18:

Andrea Brown and Hillard Ensemble (David James, Rogers Covey-Crump, Steven

Harrold, Gordon Jones)


Soloists on August 21 and 22:

Andrea Brown, Marianne Pärna, Tiit Kogerman, Raul Mikson, Uku Joller


In the Noblessner Foundry, Tööstuse 48

August 17, 18, 21, 22 from 7 pm


  • T 17. August 00:00



  • T 17. August 00:00