Only The Fake Survive

Only The Fake Survive

Premiere: October the 7th 2004
Last performance in Tallinn: November the 24th 2004

“Only the Fake Survive” tours:
— 4th of June 2005 – Theater aus den neuen EU Staaten, Theater a.d. Ruhr ( Mlheim, Germany )
— 9th of September 2005 – festival DRAAMA 2005, Treffner’s Yard (Tartu, Estonia)

“Only the Fake Survive” is a punk story based on the key scenes
and persons in a story of rise and decline of the 70’s punk band.

idea and original material MARKO RAAT and VON KRAHL THEATRE TROUPE
director MARKO RAAT
set design JAANA JRIS

JUHAN ULFSAK Johnny Rotten, vocals
LIINA VAHTRIK Nina Hagen, drums/vocals
ERKI LAUR Steve Jones, guitar/vocals
TAAVI EELMAA Sid Vicious, vocals/bass
MARI ABEL Nancy Spungen

translations from documentaries, internet and press TOOMAS KARIK and MARKO RAAT
translations of Sex Pistols’ lyrics MIHKEL RAUD
technical solutions and realisation ENAR TARMO, TAAVO “JIMMY” TIKO, KALLE TIKAS, LAURI SEPP

Elements of Paul McCarthy’s art-actions;
dialogues and texts from films “The Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle” and
“The Filth and The Fury” (dir. J. Temple)

and books:
PLEASE KILL ME (L. McNeil, G. McCain),
PUNK (S. Colegrave, C. Sullivan),
(T. Trubetsky)
have been used in the performance.

“You can throw anything on us, but you can’t get us down the stage!”
(Sid Vicious, bass/vocals)

Why Sex Pistols?
– because there was something else important besides the music.

“When you feel yourself powerless, you’ll grab whatever power,
to preserve at least any kind of respect towards yourself.”
(Paul Cook, drums)

“But different characters were needed. Me, as a sculptor, I didn’t need clay.
I understood I can use people. I used them as an artist.
Sex Pistols was my painting, my sculpture, my little artful dodgers.”
(Malcolm McLaren, founder and manager of Sex Pistols)

“We did what was necessary, that’s why we didn’t survive.
Only the fake survive.”
(Johnny Rotten, vocals)

Awards & Nominations:

Prices from the Theatre Festival Draama 2005:

— “Prize for Breaking the Illusion of Life” for the performance ONLY THE FAKE SURVIVE
— “Prize for Modern and Expressive Character” to LIINA VAHTRIK in the same performance

Malcolm McLaren, the owner of a clothes shop Sex in London, puts together a band of four young men – Steve Jones (guitar), Paul Cook (drums), Glen Matlock (bass), John Lydon, soon to be dubbed Johnny Rotten on account of his decaying teeth (vocals) who hanged out or worked in the shop, and names them Sex Pistols (SP) by the labels of T-shirt’s that were sold in the shop. Youngsters with stolen instruments soon give their first short and noisy concerts.
1976. SP becomes more and more notorious in their concert-tour. The record company EMI makes a contract with SP, and sends them to an interview to the Bill Grundy’s talk-show in place of the band Queen, who has refused the television interview in the last moment. Grundy provokes the punks to obscenity and the band answers with smut talk in the live show. The English conservative audience becomes furious of indecency. Newspapers demand the band must be forbidden.

Matlock leaves the band. He is replaced by a fan, Sid Vicious, who has been conspicuous by rioting in SP’s concerts. He can not play bass and never does learn it during his lifetime. The band’s third recording company Virgin releases the record “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols”, that remained the only official album.
1978. SP flies to the USA-tour. Concert-tour lasts for 14 days only Rotten gets fed up with the band members and the manager McLaren and he leaves. SP is finished. Sid Vicious concentrates on heroin-career and stays in USA with his girlfriend Nancy a groupie, who first laid eyes on Rotten, but met no success. In October, Nancy ‘s corpse, stabbed and bled to death, was found in the couple’s hotel room. Sid is arrested as the suspect in murder.

February the 1st – McLaren pays the bail and Sid gets out of the jail. His mother, who is worried, that his son might be arrested again for the drugs, buys herself heroin for Sid from the street. The next morning Sid is dead. Overdose.

The band P.I.L. John Lydon’s after-Pistol’s-band – performs in the first Rock Summer Festival in Estonia . Villu Tamme, the Estonian premier punk, gets a chance to meet his big idol. Villu approaches to Lydon on the backstage, but is too drunk for that time to articulate any words in human language and throws up to the floor, some meters away from his idol.

Lydon, Cook, Matlock and Jones rejoin as Sex Pistols for the concert-tour. Critics’ estimations of the shows: “pissed-off karaoke-show offat middle-aged white men”.

Premier of SP’s documentary “The Filth and the Fury”, where John Lydon, who resembles Sid, is weeping. On the night of the premier in Estonia during the Black Nights Film Festival in the Sakala Centre a bunch of punks under 20 years of age, raving, shouting, and punching to the teeth of some people in the audience, are arrested slightly before the film starts.

John Lydon participates in the television show “I’m a Celebrity…”. He is kicked out from the show for his dirty mouth.

Siim Nestor, weekly newspaper “Eesti Ekspress ” Areen 30.09.2004 /-


  • T 7. October 00:00


  • T 7. October 00:00