The year after : King Kong and other minor things

The year after : King Kong and other minor things

One year has passed.

We didn’t plan for it to go this way.

But one moment it would happen anyway.

So better sooner then.


Reality again starts to flex and bend like a fiber pole.

Why did we even drive into this tunnel…

Why didn’t we notice the blinking neon warning sign „PostUganda’s Revenge“…

Don’t know, don’t remember…

Revenge promises to be sweet, painful, bloody, but fair.

What’s also certain is that the weaker must fall and only the most robotic will remain standing.

And our world too is left to be saved by King Kong.


This is a new production by the makers of  PostUganda.

Text and music, idea and production, on stage and in real life – MAIKE LOND and RIINA MAIDRE

This time the ticket price has no gender-based differentiation!

But there is one gingerbread included in the price.



Maike and Riina


Premiere on December 9 at 7 pm in the Von Krahl Theatre rehearsal room

Performances on December 13, 14, 18, 20, 29 and 30 at 7 pm


  • T 9. December 00:00



  • T 9. December 00:00