★Bashment★ Stylo G at Bashment 18Y B-Day


★Bashment★ Stylo G at Bashment 18Y B-Day

Reede / Friday 14.10.2016 ★BASHMENT 18★ Von Krahl
Superstar ★Stylo G★ at Bashment – Estonia 18Y B-Day.

Kahel korrusel, kaks lava, jagajou siseõu ja VIP ala.
★ Stylo G & Sir DJ Corey ★ J.O.C. ★ Queen Elisabeth ★ Miss Savi ★ Ras Wu ★ Masu ★ Shromik ★ Massa V ★ Don Erikson ★ Smaddy ★ Dice Rudy ★ Ringo ★ Tarrvi ★

Suurel Bashment sünnipäeval Eesti reggae tähed ja Jamaicalt superstaarid: ★Stylo G★ mikrofonil ja DJ puldis ★Sir Corey★

Stylo G has been involved in the UK underground scene since the age of 15 when he moved to the UK from Spanish Town, Jamaica. Son of the legendary dancehall artist Poison Chang, Stylo decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, making his mark in the UK when Grime music was at its highest.
In 2004 he released ‘My Yout’ featuring Ice Kid and Sickman and in 2008 he won the Crystal Blue awards ‘song of the year’ for ‘Jamaicans in Britain’. He has since developed the bridge between UK hip-hop and dancehall producing tracks; ‘Leader’, ‘Blackberry’ and ‘Swagga Dem’, and gaining key radio and live support.
2011 was an explosive year for Stylo G with the release of underground hit ‘Call Mi a Yardie’. The single crossed continents receiving kudos and radio play as far afield as Japan and the USA. Stylo performed in BBC Radio 1‘s Live Lounge with Trevor Nelson and is a regular performer for Rinse FM DJ team / promoters The Heatwave.
Stylo has since collaborated on a number of tracks with artists such as Sneakbo, Cashtastic and Wretch 32 (who provided a remix of ‘Winter Swag’). Enlisting Chip and Time-Takers for hissingle ‘Dash Out’.
On May 26, 2013 he released the single “Soundbwoy”, his first UK Top 20 single. The song also reached number 29 in Scotland. In 2014, he appeared on the Clean Bandit song “Come Over” which peaked at number 45 on the UK Singles Chart. In September 2014 he was nominated for a MOBO Awards (Official) in the Best Reggae Act category.
t’s rare to find a DJ today who pours as much love and who takes as much pride in his mixes as Sirdjcorey. he’s been honored to play alongside someone so creative, hardworking, and musically wise. And don’t get it twisted––he isn’t just a talented DJ.
A master at his craft for years, SirDjCorey has been steadily building his DJ kingdom beat by beat, mix to mix everywhere he plays. Corey has brought his brotherhood sounds to dancefloors on both coasts and overseas since 2001. His captivating sound spans the eras and blends genres of mind blowing music, he’ll seamlessly mix from boom box classics to breakdancing hip hop, he will spin smooth R&B treats along with timeless soul heroines and heroes, flips reggae dancehall riddims, throwback to ’80s pop freestyle and groove the dancefloor with his soulful deep house & trap beats. He is one of the first DJ’s on the scene of 2001 in London that was able to mix with the speed and selection. With his dazzling style, fierce determination and golden touch on the wheels, SirDjCorey has changed the landscape and continues to soar to higher heights.
The music has taken him to alot of venues, festivals & countries to DJ i.e:- ITALY, GEMRNAY, DUBAI, SWITZERLAND, UNITED STATES, ANTIGUA, BARBADOS. GLASTONBURY, BOOMTOWN FAIR, WOMAD, LIVERPOOL INTERNATION, READING & LEEDS just to name a few. People always ask him what kind of music he prefers to play when he’s on the decks and he say’s “whatever the crowd requires at the time is what i supply, I’m an entertainer and my job is to please the crowd at all times”.
Fans and Promoters would regard him as an all rounder who’s able to play all genres, despite being booked mainly for Dancehall & Reggae events he is booked regularly in various type of clubs, weddings, christenings, festivals, corporate & all type of private functions, he is preferred to be classed as the “MULTI GENRE DJ”. He currently holds a regular slot onFLAMESRADIO.CO.UK and is a also an associated dj on BBC Radio 1Xtrato do live shows or covers, also he is the official tour dj for Stylo G & YELLOWS UK .
Goodas Sound is an all-female soundsystem inspired by Jamaican culture and sunny rhythms. Two sparkling ladies Elisabeth Põldma (aka Queen Elisabeth) and Helina Savi (aka DJ Miss Savi) from Tallinn town – decided to create a unique new soundsystem after meeting in Estonia and seeing each other perform in various events.
Elisabeth has been on the mic for 19 years in Estonia and abroad. She is most captivated by Caribbean- and Afro American music. Her first reggae appearance was in 2007 at Version, a once famous Tallinn party. Her repertoire includes pearls of her own creation in English & Estonian and covers of her favourite artists. She has an MCing style rare to the Estonian scene, inspired by Jamaican deejays. Elisabeth is also a passionate Caribbean dances & movement activist and reckognized dancehall teacher.
Helina has been DJing latin, african, caribbean and house music for a decade at underground reggae parties in Estonia and Marseille plus French Riviera’s luxury hotels. She is also a well-experienced world music events promoter. Helina loves bass and pumpy rhythms that make you dance. It’s impossible to stay still while listening to her play, even for herself!
No sound as good as Goodas! When Goodas Sound pon track you can twist, twerk, wine and wiggle down side up or up side down. Goodas set the style and mood!
Finest Soundsystem consists of two selectors Masu aka Mängi and Ras Wu.
DJ Masu is a reggae selector hailing from Tammisaari, Finland. He started collecting records in 2005 and playing them at dances in 2010. By now Masu has played at almost every reggae party in Estonia and has also performed in Finland alongside Gwan Positiv Soundsystem, Selecta Andor and DJ Kujis. Masu is also well known for his fresh mixtapes, quick mixing and all-around music taste.
Ras Wu is a selector who started his reggae career in Võru a long time ago, where he met Smaddy from Athens Sound. Their friendship lead to Ras Wu becoming a part of Athens Sound, one of the early reggae Soundsystems in Estonia. Since then Ras Wu has played his part on numerous succesful club nights including Mis Mõttes Neljapäev, Sugarcane, MindPhunk etc. Ras Wu is well-known for his eclectic playing style combinging the freshest reggae & dancehall with pieces of dub and carnival soca.
Don Erikson on läbi ja lõhki Tartu mees. Ilmavalgust nägi sealsamas 1973. aastal ning juba loetud aastad hiljem hakkas ta huvi tundma popmuusika kõikvõimalike äärealade vastu. Sellest talle muidugi ei piisanud ja alates 1997 on ta oma muusikamaitset plaadimängimise teel avalikult inimestele peale suruma hakanud. Toomas on mänginud plaate Tartu Bashmendil, Ülelinna Reggae Diskol ning aidanud luua kultuurikollektiivi SensiBass ja asutada soundsüsteemi Athens Sound. 1999 ristis Bashment KingzSound ta Don’iks ja see on hüüdnimi, mis Toomasele siiani külge on jäänud. Don spetsialiseerub jamaika muusika erinevatele vormidele üle maailma ja etnomõjutustele tänapäeva moodsas muusikas
->> www.r2.err.ee/l/etnokonservid
Maailmamustrid! on Eesti esimene maailmamuusika pidudesari. Maailmamustritel kõlab kõige mitmekesisem tantsumuusika, mis ületab mängleva kergusega stiili- ja riigipiire. Ühiseks nimetajaks on vaid rütm ja energia.
Smaddy on reggae ja maailmamuusika selektor/DJ Maailmamustrid Soundsüsteemist. Muusikavalikus on reggae, afrobeats, latin music, bhangra, balkan and other world styles. Bashmentil 100% reggae-dancehall seleksioon.
->> www.mixcloud.com/smaddy
->> www.facebook.com/Maailmamustrid
Shromik (aka Mikk) has been making music for long time. He started to produce hiphop beats in the early 2000s and started also collecting vinyl records at that time. 5 years later he was touring all over Estonia and played out his own beats in his DJ sets. He had the pleasure of sharing stage with DJ Kid SId (Sweden), Ugly Duckling (USA) and other hiphop groups. In 2006 he had life changing decision – he was moving to UK. London and whole England changed his sound. He was moving to more bass influenced sounds like drum and bass, grime and dubstep. He also started playing with different synths and more bass driven sound. He was doing tracks with London producer Diamond Eye and coming back to Estonia for DJ gigs with MC Jetta. In 2011 he decided to move back to Estonia and few months later Superskankers was formed with Vasar (aka Tauri) – a young hiphop producer who also was infected by bass music. Superskankers became big thing in Estonia with no time at all and by the year 2012 they had collaborations by quite a few artists and released their first EP, which featured also artists like Stinkahbell (Terrorythm), KGB (Dub Police) and WeCan (Dubform). They also made a remix what later became the best hiphop tune of the year (selected by Estonian national radio – R2).
In 2013 Shromik started working closely with young and talented Estonian singer – Margaret and continued work with Superskankers – they played in Lithuania and Positivus Festival in Latvia. Aslo they started working together with grime legend – Killa P.
Superskankers recorded 4 songs with Killa P in the beginning of 2014, but Shromik and Margaret found producer called Bisweed in their team and started working on Margaret’s debut album – “27”.
Shromik is still touring all over Estonia and is playing in Positivus Festival and Galapagai Festival this summer, alongside many big partys and festivals in Estonia.
Reggae, ragga ja dancehall-kultuuri arendav sündmus Bashment on Eesti pikima traditsiooniga reggae-dub-pidu. Bashment – Estonia ja Bashment KingzSound aitavad avastada reggae ja Kariibi mitmekesise muusika erinevaid tahke. Seda põnevat kultuuri tutvustades on Bashment meeskond järjepidevalt muusikasõprade ette toonud huvitavaid ja erilisi, tuntud ja tunnustatud artiste nii Eestist kui välismaalt, osa neist oma muusikutee alguses, teised juba loometegevuse tipus või oma valdkonna legendid.
Lisaks Bashment´i alustugedele, Ringo Ringveele ja Tarrvi Laamannile kuuluvad kollektiivi ka J.O.C. ning Dice Rudy. Bashment´i korraldav kooslus on tegutsenud juba 1998. aastast. Mida Bashment KingzSound reggae muusika all mõistab, seda on võimalik teada saada, kui kuulata “Bashment FM” saadet Raadio 2-s
->> www.facebook.com/BashmentFM
->> www.facebook.com/TarrviLAAMANN
->> www.facebook.com/BashmentEstonia

Reede/ Friday, 14.10.2016 Bashment 18

Start ▇ 22:00 ▇ 14.October ▇ Von Krahl
✔EARLY BIRD (limited) via Suhkrumoll ►6 €
✔UKSELT ENNE 00:00 ►8 €
✔DOOR AFTER 00:00 ►12 €
✔VIP (extra limited) via Suhkrumoll ►24 €
(VIP = Bashment 18 mix CD by Shromik + “shot” + vip ala)
►vanus/age limit►18+
►►BIGUP►►Oktoobrikuu sünnipäevalapsele, Bashment 18 sünnipäeva puhul, sissepääs TASUTA! Respect, palju õnne! 🙂
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★Bashment★ Stylo G at Bashment 18Y B-Day

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  • R 14. oktoober 22:00


  • R 14. oktoober 22:00