Von Krahli Baar

Von Krahli Baar
Address: Rataskaevu 10, Tallinn
E-mail: hanna@vonkrahl.ee
Phone: +372 626 9090
Mon-Thu 10:00-00:00
Fri-Sat 10:00-…
Sun 10:00-22:00



Breakfast From Dusk Till Dawn

Ülo’s Eggs 4,8€ G,L

mushrooms, rucola, scrambled organic eggs

Huevos Rancheros 6€ L

guacamole, tortilla, black beans, bacon, pico de gallo (salsa), sunny side up egg

Shakshuka 4,8€ L

spicy tomato sauce, organic poached egg, sourdough buckwheat bread from Kotzebue bakery

Grilled cheese sandwich 4,5€ E

sourdough buckwheat bread from Kotzebue bakey, mozzarella, cheddar, garlic oil, red onion jam

Smoked salmon sandwich 6€

sourdough buckwheat bread from Kotzebue bakery, smoked salmon, avocado, poached organic egg, cottage cheese, red onion

Crumpet pancakes 5,5€ E

banana, bacon, maple syrup

Multigrain porridge 2,8€ L,E,V

Smoothie Bowl 4,5€ G,L,E,V / with Von Krahl’s granola 5€ L,E,V

blueberry-banana smoothie, seeds, berried, coconut chips



From 12:00



Handmade kale chips 4€ L,E,G,V

Handmade tortilla chips / with cheese sauce 4€ L,E,V

Snack selection for two 11€

cured beef, smoked chicken and sundried tomato pate, Salami from Matsimoka, lamb sausage from Kotzebue Charcuterie, marinated quail egg, handmade tortilla chips, adžika sauce, caper-dill cream, Gorgonzola and Brie cheese, marinated fennel



Two fish soup with quail egg 4,5€ G,L

Smoked cheese and tomato soup 4€ M

Soup of the day 4€ V


Von Krahl Bowls

Fake Caesar bowl 7€ L

kale, Brussel sprouts, anchovy sauce, poached organic egg, parmeggiano, tomato, crutons, chicken

Asian bowl 8€ G,L

chicken, marinated carrots, early red cabbage kimchi, sugarsnaps, coriander, coconut-curry sauce (avaliable also as vegan with tofu)

Kale bowl 7,5€ G,L,E

spinach, kale, roasted chickpeas, chicken, marinated red onion, mint-coriander salsa, lime vinaigrette

Salmon bowl 9,5€ G,L

smoked salmon, avocado, black quinoa and lentil mix, portobello, marinated fennel, red onion, poached organic egg, spinach

Buckwheat bowl 6,5€ G,L

buckwheat, kale, poached organic egg, portobello, sunflower seeds, marinated ginger


House legends 

Spicy pita burger 7,5€

pita bread, ground beef cutlet, tomato, salad, marinated jalapeno, cheddar cheese

Von Krahl pancake rolls with minced meat filling 4/7€

spinach mayonnaise, coleslaw salad

Von Krahl pancake rolls with shrimp-mayonnaise filling 5/9€

caper-dill cream, fresh salad

Mac n Cheese pot 6,5€ 
bacon, jalapenos (garnish)



Ice cold cheesecake 3,5€ G

fresh berry sauce, pistachio nuts

Chocolate cheesecake from Bekker Bakery 3,5€

cherry sauce



G – gluten free

L – lactose free

E – without egg

V – vegan