Vegan Restoran V

Vegan Restoran V
Address: Rataskaevu 12
Phone: +372 6269087
Sun-Thu 12:00 – 11:00
Fri-Sat 12:00 – 12:00

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G Fresh salad with guacamole 4.90 €

G Beetroot ravioli with cashew cheese 5 €

G Vegetable salad with rice noodles and salty peanut ice cream sauce 5.20 €

G Selection of spreads with toasted garlic ciabatta 6.80 € (Cashew spinach herb spread, muhammara, sweet potato peanut hummus) (G – possible without gluten)

Snack platter 9.50 €
(Muhammara, baby carrots, smoky carrot „salmon“, olives, zucchini roll with cashew cream, vegan cheese, grilled tofu) (G – possible without gluten)


Smoky tomato and cheese puree soup 4.30 €
(W – possible without croutons)

Vegetable tofu soup in a slightly spicy coconut broth 4.80 €


Vegan Caesar salad with baked artichoke 6.90 €
(W – possible without croutons)

Kale lentil pie with parsnip cauliflower puree and creamy hemp seed sauce 7.50 €

„Fish burger“ with oven-baked sweet potato 8.50 €

Spicy oven-baked seitan tacos with cheese and guacamole 9.50 €

G Grilled tempeh on vegetable pile-up with brown basmati rice and tomato coconut sauce 10.70 € G Zucchini noodle and red quinoa salad with grilled avocado, tofu and pesto 12 €

Special offer (ask more from waiter) 9 €


(we use unrefined organic whole cane sugar)

Strawberry mint ice cream 4.20 €
(W – possible without wheat)

G Curd snack with raspberry and sea buckthorn jam 5 €

Cake selection 2.50-4.50 €

G – gluten free W – wheat free

Everything in this menu is VEGAN, meaning everything is free from dairy, egg and meat Ask waitress about food allergens