Tallinn Treff Festival / The Gramophone Show


Tallinn Treff Festival / The Gramophone Show

Yael Rasooly

Fri 5 June at 22.00
Sat 6 June at 22.00
in the Festival Club (Von Krahl Theatre bar)
duration 50 min

More info: http://www.nuku.ee/en/festival/programm-taiskasvanutele/grammofon/

Accompanied solely by her Gramophone, singer Yael Rasooly takes you back in time to enchanted era of the 1920′s through 1940′s.

The unforgettable presentation of the classic songs, ranging in performance from English to French (and even Yiddish!) have already brought the show’s universal charm and timeless appeal to being enthusiastically received in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Denmark, Romania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Thailand and India.
The show’s film noir atmosphere and versatile bare design allow it to take flight and form in just about every venue – from the side alleys of Paris to the bridges of Prague as a street performance, to an intimate soiree at the dimly lit night clubs of New York City, the Circus tent and theater boat of the prominent Forman Brothers, and even as a glittering Gala evening at the prestigious Sao Luiz Municipal Theatre in Lisbon.

So sit back and let the show take you to a place you’ve only heard about from vinyl records but always felt was waiting to be experienced in person.



  • F 5. June 22:00 Välja müüdud

  • S 6. June 22:00 Buy Ticket

Date & Time

  • Välja müüdud F 5. June 22:00

  • Buy Ticket S 6. June 22:00