Tallinn Treff Festival / Contact


Tallinn Treff Festival / Contact

Tallinn Treff Festival 2015

Lisainfo: http://www.nuku.ee/festival/

Von Krahl Theatre

On June 7 at 20.00
in the Rehearsal Hall of Von Krahl Theatre
duration 1 h 21 min
with English and Russian subtitles
ticket 4 € / 3 €, free entrance with the Festival Card


The collection is comprised of five stories created by the future stars of Estonian filmmaking: Martti Helde, Maria Reinup, Triin Ruumet, Raigo Saariste and Vallo Toomla. With the release of this collection Von Krahl Theatre continues the tradition of bringing together new theatre and new cinema which started in 2005 with the short film collection “Elusive Miracle”. Back then Von Krahl’s artistic group collaborated with the directors Andres Maimik, Arbo Tammiksaar, Jaak Kilmi, Rainer Sarnet, Marko Raat and Marianne Kõrver who remixed the work of classic Estonian writer Eduard Vilde. Today a new generation of film and theatre directors and actors is ready to step into the spotlight and thus the time has come for the next chapter – “Contact”.

The five stories in “Contact” are very different in both content and style. In the case of “Elusive Miracle” the authors shared a specific work of literature – Vilde’s most famous play – as a common starting point but now the authors only agreed on the general theme: contact, interaction with the unusual, unearthly and unbelievable. The clash between everyday reality and fantasy, this world and that. Check out the official poster of the collection where an alien is hiding its identity using a VHS tape as a mask, it should give you a hint.

Martti Helde “Superbia” – father and son reach the end of their relationship and discover, in the sight of God, that blood ties can’t be broken even by death.
Triin Ruumet “Reet’s Birthday” – a show in Von Krahl Theatre mutilates the actors and audience members, leaving a mark for life.
Vallo Toomla “Metanoia” – photographer Järvet Järvet gets a job offering that changes his day into something very weird. Possibly also the rest of his life.
Raigo Saariste “KuuKu Contact” – KuuKu, a young man living as a cog in a big machine-like artificial world, dreams of freedom which turns him into a troublesome grain of sand between the cogwheels of his world.
Maria Reinup “Mann Tanzt” – a stubborn man discovers the secret why it is important for a human being to dance.





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