Dear gentleman, lovely mister – if You could spend one day of Your life as a woman in a cheeky experiment, what would You REALLY wish to experience? The flirting? The sweet surrender to the pressure of seduction? The make-up and the fishnet stockings?

How about menstruation, anal sex, pregnancy and the Caesarean section?

Or would You simply fiddle with your tits, throw hissy fits and hamper the natural logistics of things in stores, on the beach and in traffic due to Your bimbo brains? And You primarily would probably wish to understand the experience like a man?!

Completely understandable.

If You come to the concert/play “PostUganda” You can be convinced how even the most embarrassing and generalizing prejudices about women, the fine arts, the PMS hysteria and the new Age of Aquarius will turn out to be true and that’s not the half of it…

Of course, all that is served to You here in SUCH a promising form is nothing but a promise. Nobody can guarantee that it is not a poorly disguised foreplay to get to the cliché known as the culmination that would eventually come anyway in its trivial form. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes less powerful and sometimes it must be faked. Nobody is left completely without it.

Then again, dear man, if You have already spent so much of Your time to get through this text, it can only be alleviated by going to the bottom of things, i.e. by coming to the event in order to find its nut and – as the song goes – “Crack that nut, Mihkel!”

The play is for women!!!

This means that in order to maximize audience numbers, the catch segment includes blondes, brunettes and redheads – both teen and mature. This in turn means that the audience is filled with many women who are fertile and actively searching for partners, sexually desperate or simply open-minded.

Admittance for men is 2 for the price of one.

“PostUganda” is a concert/play where the emo defeats empathy and to pretend otherwise is pointless. Whoever dares to go over the top or to simply screw the top will want more.

As always.

my love!


On stage are Maike Lond, a resident of the Kanuti Gild SAAL and Riina Maidre, an actress in the Von Krahl Theater.




  • S 12. September 00:00



Date & Time

  • S 12. September