The Yellow Dust of Evenings

Kollane tolm_plakat_väike

The Yellow Dust of Evenings

Premiere on October 9, 2012 in Von Krahl’s rehearsal room.

Von Krahl steps on the art pedal this autumn. Artur Alliksaar wrote a poem called “The Yellow Dust of Evenings”. Through hypnotic word patterns, it speaks of people, the afterlife, loneliness, regret, love, time and the glimmering yellow dust that warms everything, even when your ragged soul is dissolving under the black night sky.

Director and actor Jim Ashilevi, set designer Nele Sooväli and choreographer Liisa Lilienthal-Pärna have swallowed mountains of yellow dust during dark autumn nights and their sparkling fantasies light up the stage. Sten Valgus switches on the LEDs. The doors open. The people enter. Broken mirrors cover the walls. Tallinn’s last incandescent light bulbs illuminate the desert sand. Yellow cascades of pollen burst out of the mouth of a horned man buried in the sand.

In other words, a production for atmosphere lovers.

Director, dramatist, actor: Jim Ashilevi
Author of the text: Artur Alliksaar
Set and costume designer: Nele Sooväli
Choreographer: Liisa Lilienthal-Pärna
Lighting designers: Oliver Kulpsoo and Martin Makarevitš

Performances only in October 2012, during “Von Krahl 20” anniversary month.


  • T 9. October 19:00

Date & Time

  • T 9. October 19:00 - 19:45