Two Dill Sprigs and an Orange

Kaks tilli ja_plakat_väike

Two Dill Sprigs and an Orange

Von Krahl’s Sidecar presents:
An honest story of beauty, freedom and creativity by fictitious creative agency “Talent”, that won’t leave you cold, but warm instead.
A sweet mix of stand-up comedy and theatre that encompasses comedy, tragedy and a little something extra.
The nominee for best play and winner of the special prize for stage design at the interuniversal theatre festival.

Will it make you laugh – YES
Will it make you cry – MAYBE
Will you be bored – NO

Directors: Kait Kall and Madis Mäeorg
Set designer: Kait Kall
Music: Madis Mäeorg
Cast: Madis Mäeorg and Kait Kall
Lighting / sound: Janno “John” Jaanus

Premiere on April 11, 2012 in Von Krahl’s rehearsal room.


  • W 11. April 19:00


Date & Time

  • W 11. April 19:00 - 20:00