Next Round


Next Round

“We’ve all seen it on TV. A boy sings. It’s his two minutes. He puts his soul into those minutes, everything that counts as life experience at his age. A man listens. Another man listens. A woman listens. Patiently. The minutes don’t seem to end. But at some point, everything comes to an end. And then, things start to happen. And that we have never seen on TV.”

Mihkel Raud
“Next Round”
Premiere on January 18, 2012

Designer: REET AUS

Mihkel Raud talks about his debut play:

“In the five years that I’ve worked as a judge on various talent shows, what has stunned me most, is how young people remain so humble while letting three old exhibitionists ridicule them, and then leave politely, pretending to be almost thankful. It’s incredible, how the rules television sets, discipline people and push them into distinct behavioural boundaries that know no geographical borders. Equally incredible is how stoically the show’s producers – myself first and foremost – console themselves to sleep at night with the inevitability of the infamous “format”. Every time someone steps up to me on the street and asks me why I’m such a dick, I say “That’s the format”.

The fantasy that a participant of the show would take the situation under their control, really under their control, has remained a fantasy thus far. The few “deviations to the format” that I’ve seen while being a judge on “Estonia Searches for a Superstar”, be it the guy flailing about with a glass of water or a stripper writhing on the floor who later tries to strangle herself with a scarf, have been just that – deviations to the format. Things that have happened in the playfield that we, or the show’s producers, have created. But what would happen if the format, in its universally understood form, lost its effect?

“Next Round” is definitely not repentance or a suddenly enlightened cynic turning over a new leaf. I will still participate in judging panels in the future. Put down good-natured youngsters and later complain to my wife how fucking hard and full of ethical conflicts my job is. I do my “life’s work” with immense pleasure and unlimited narcissism. Because that’s the format.”

“Next Round” is a play where the worst nightmares of every talent show judge, and probably those of a lot of the viewers, come true.


  • W 18. January 19:00


Date & Time

  • W 18. January 19:00 - 20:45