Exploration of the Indies


Exploration of the Indies

“Exploration of the Indies” is a poetical, historical, anguishing and playful introspection into the thoughts and mentality of the Western culture. It is an intensive and sensuous journey through the centuries wrapped in dreams and destruction, starring two courteous knights who are infected with permanent gold fever and a cleric who yearns for a dream-like horizon and whose dream is still on the horizon. It is a tale of attempts to find and create an earthly paradise and how these attempts resulted in hell on Earth. It is a story of the burning desire to move on, even though you have already bumped into the shore. We offer an aural and literary, dream-like theater evening where medieval and modern elements flicker and flow in the music and lyrics. The journey to beyond time and space is held together by a historic master of ceremonies whose greed and verbosity is checked by the passable level of eduction and a few natives who appear fake and whose words are a mere echo – but that echo is indeed powerful.

Music by MÄRT-MATIS LILL, libretto by JAN KAUS, directed by MART KOLDITS, visual solutions by PRIIT TENDER, musical direcor RISTO JOOST

Among the participants are a bunch of musicians, including the VOCES MUSICALES chamber choir, TALLINN SINFONIETTA orchestra, JÜRMO EESPERE trio with JÜRMO EESPERE orVLADIMIR VÕSSOTSKIMIHKEL MÄLGANDJORMA PUUSAAG and obviously also actors from Von Krahl and elsewhere: TAAVI EELMAAGERT RAUDSEP (Theatre No99), RAIVO E. TAMM,RIINA MAIDREKRISTJAN SARVBERT RAUDSEP


Co-production with festival NYYD ’09  www.concert.ee

Premiers on the 20nd of October (sold out!)

Performances on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of October at 19.00


Music video used in performance: „Playa Blanca“ by  Michel Houellebecq 

Used by the permission of Disques Tricatel www.tricatel.com

Music: Bertrand Burgalat

Text: Michel Houellebecq

Director: Charles Petit


  • T 20. October 19:00


Date & Time

  • T 20. October 19:00