Hey Sis,

kõige õigem

Hey Sis,

The waiting room stands on the borders of stupidity and self-confidence, where the feeling of togetherness is a matter of faith. Respect here him who does not know and trust her who doubts.

Mono act in stereo enactment – carefully dissected carefully erected.

“Hey Sis” is a theatrical and minimalist staging. The performance explores ego-centered logic on the background of solidarity, speaks about the mentality of an individual and the identity of a herd. It is an active sticking to the themes of independency, togetherness, self-determination and -exhibiting.


Performances in Tallinn: 27 and 30 September
3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th October 2014
at Von Krahl Theatre

Duration: 50 minutes

Premiere: 23-24 of June 2014 in Amsterdam (DasArts / CREA Theater) under the title ’This is a Snake’


DasArts Master of Theatre - Master Proof Projects 2014



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