Connecting People

Connecting People

A play in two acts

Premiere: January the 15th 2001
Last performance: March the 20th 2002

“Connecting people” in Finland:
26.-29. August 2001 in Q-teatteri at the festival Helsingin Juhlaviikot

author JOUKO TURKKA ( Finland )
adaptation ERIK SÖDERBLOM ( Finland )
director ERIK SÖDERBLOM ( Finland )
set and costume design LIINA KEEVALLIK

RAIVO E. TAMM Jorma Ollila, Director General of Nokia
LIINA VAHTRIK Mällinen, tramp
ERKI LAUR Erkki Attila Cervix, Lieutenant Colonel, adjutant of three presidents
TIINA TAURAITE Angela, the most beautiful woman in the world
JUHAN ULFSAK Jore, neo Nazi
TERJE PENNIE (as guest) Saara Pakkasvirta, known Finnish actress
ENAR TARMO Battle (Finnish ‘Taisto’), workman gone mad of unemployment
TAAVO TIKO Finnish scumbag, ice hockey player, policeman

light and sound TÕNNO TOOMRA
additional artist ANNE-MAI HEIMOLA
make-up and hairstyle ELGITHA ZENO
chosen imitations ARDI AAV
stage technicians MAKSIM SURIN, KALLE TIKAS

Forbidden to under 16!

ERIK SÖDERBLOM started his career as a musician.
He studied piano and cello.
For some years he was active as a bandmaster of an orchestra Helsingin
Kamarijouset (Helsinki Chamber Bows) that he had established himself.
After finishing the Helsinki Higher Theatre School as a director in 1989,
he has worked in several Finnish theatres and Finnish National Opera.
His home theatre is the Q-Theatre in Helsinki , that became one of the
most remarkable independent theatres in Finland
soon after its establishment in 1990.
Söderblom’s most famous productions have been staged in Q-Theatre –
Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and “Twelth Night”,
Dostoyevsky’s “Notes from Underground” and Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”.
Söderblom’s last works before the production in Von Krahl Theatre were
a large-scale open air performance ” Enchanted Island ” based on
Finnish folk tales, and “Trad” based on Finnish national poetry.
Söderblom is a pedagogue also:
since 1998 he is the artistic leader of music and theatre department
in Turku Polytechnic.
Since May 2001 he is the professor of the Swedish department
in Helsinki Higher Theatre School .
In 1995 the collaboration forum of the outstanding independent
theatre troupes of the Baltic Sea the Baltic Circle – was born
by the initiative of Erik Söderblom and producer Jukka Hytti
under the auspices of Q-Theatre.
Söderblom’s production in Von Krahl Theatre comes out within the framework of this collaboration.

JOUKO TURKKA is an enfant terrible of Finnish theatre,
the most scandalous writer and director in Finland ,
teacher, professor of acting and stage management.
“Finnish journalism has made Turkka its whipping boy. He has been openly named a madman, homosexual, and who knows what. He has been accused in authoritarianism as a father and director. He has been suspected in brutality and cruelty.” 
(Gerda Kordemets, “Teater.Muusika.Kino” December 1997)
He wrote “Osta pientä ihmistä” (Buy a Small Human)
in Von Krahl Theatre Connecting people for the Helsinki KOM-Theatre.
He himself was a director. Premier was planned to April 2000,
but two weeks before that the rehearsals stopped.
“Turkka is rude and maybe even unjust, but if people are not stuck in the fetters of the rough text, and let themselves be caught by the derisive revue and carnival like satire of the society, they want to take the trip to the Finnish society with the author.
Then everything was all right till that moment. What went wrong? KOM-ers and Turkka did not have any fight for the text. It was agreed already a year ago, that the aim is to make a Turkka like Finnish contemporary reality reverberating public teasing people’s comedy.
The rehearsal process, that was beyond actors powers, went wrong. Turkka says, that the rehearsals stopped at the moment, when he forced Pekka Valkeejärvi, who impersonated Ollila, to say the word homosexual in a particular way, and repeat it to the audience. Finally Valkeejärvi got mad, through the script to the table, and walked away from the rehearsal.”
(“Helsingin Sanomat”, 22nd of March 2000)


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Date & Time

  • M 15. January